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Busy Bodies Playhouse

Here at Busy Bodies Playhouse we value the importance of providing a high quality program and play space that not only benefits the needs of the children who participate but also the community. We understand that we as instructors/staff members have the power to change lives, encourage others, 

supply children with new experiences and provide a proper learning environment that children and families will thoroughly enjoy time and time again. We are highly conscience of keeping our play space clean, safe and sanitized. We pride ourselves on cleaning and sanitizing our entire facility from head to toe every day after use as well as running our "Ozonator" regularly to clean and sanitize the air. Parents can rest assured that their little ones are in a safe and clean environment any time they pop in to play! 

About the Owner

The owner, Basha has spent over 10 years teaching and educating children within the community. As a mother to four children of various ages she always found it challenging to attend outings that would suit the needs of all of her children and still allow her a chance to have friends in a social setting. Her combination of education and experience in the early childhood field led her on a mission to create a unique facility that could provide a multitude of benefits to the parents of the community all in one location.

The goal was to create a play space that allowed an opportunity for bonding between parents/caregivers and children, and an exciting place for children to gain the experience of being a part of a school like program. She also wanted it to be a place where parents could create their own friendships and bonding experiences while their children did the same. From there, Busy Bodies Playhouse was created!

Our Mission:
Our mission is to give every child an opportunity to learn and explore with other children, while having fun painting, playing and using their imagination throughout our facility. We provide a safe and fun atmosphere where children and families can enjoy learning and exploring through play. We also provide an atmosphere for parents to make new friends and socially interact while their children do the same! 

Our Vision:
The vision for our facility was to set up a "hands on" learning environment. Everything at Busy Bodies Playhouse is set up at a child's level and they have the freedom to choose what activities and stations they would like to get involved in and a chance to explore freely throughout the premises. Here at BBPH we value the learning process and believe that each child should have the opportunity to a jump start in their education and socialization process.

 Our Philosophy:
Our program has been uniquely designed to incorporate all of the things children love best! We offer Drop off style Preschool and family play time sessions that allows parents to get to know other parents and children and create new friendships. Our Family play time is ideal for parents who have children ages 6 months up to six years of age.

Throughout our facility, children will learn about nature, science, the environment, arts & crafts, math, letters, music, puzzles, reading and sharing. Sensory Play & discovery is a key factor in the learning process for toddlers & preschoolers; we love to see each child learn, explore and remember life long skills. We have multiple areas for children to learn and play to include a fun physical fitness style play area, infant play area, dramatic play area and an art/sensory room. 
"Children who participate in high quality early childhood programs are more successful, both academically and socially." -Ann Gadzikowski